The faster way to diversify your parcel delivery network starts and ends here

Pandion manages the package journey from your fulfillment center to Pandion-owned sort centers and on to delivery through our network of 500,000+ final-mile drivers. The result? An instant diversified network, fast transit times, and delivery promises you can keep.

The faster way to diversify your parcel delivery network

With Pandion, you’re one integration away from a deeply diversified network of 500k+ national, regional, and local parcel delivery drivers. Reach 80% of U.S. homes without residential or peak surcharges.

One integration away from a diversified final-mile network

Pandion's network of 500k+ national, regional, and local drivers gives you access to more parcel delivery solutions and better customer experiences. To build a logistics network of this size and sophistication would call for major investment and a few years’ time — instead, we’ve built it for you.

A diversified network, built for you

Pandion handles the sourcing, contracting, onboarding, and managing of our final-mile carriers so you don’t have to.

Vetted before every delivery

Machine learning identifies the optimal last-mile carrier based on speed, reliability, on-time delivery, and more.

500k+ final-mile delivery drivers

Each package has access to multiple last-mile delivery options in every zip code, which boosts your access to delivery capacity and reduces your risk.

A final-mile delivery van full of boxes.
final-mile delivery drivers and counting
Our connected network

We deliver to 80% of homes with capacity to deliver nationwide

Pandion’s sortation centers are near your fulfillment centers, making it easy to induct late into one sort center for access to our connected network and your customers.

Pandion's shipping network includes five sortation centers in major metros nationwide.
A delivery driver leaves a box with the Pandion universal label at a front door.
No residential fees
No peak surcharges

Residential delivery without the residential surcharges

No residential or peak surcharges

Competitive rates compared to national and regional providers

A straightforward rate card for easy-to-understand pricing

No surprise fees or midyear price adjustments

Get pricing

Your promised delivery date is a promise we’ll keep

A commitment to your promised delivery date

1- to 5-day ground delivery speeds

100% carbon-neutral shipping

Live tracking, photo proof of delivery, and option of signature capture

Email and chat support at no cost to you

Pandion's parcel delivery network of final-mile drivers delivers packages to 80% of the U.S. population nationwide.
carbon-neutral shipping
How we do it

We run a tight ship

How Pandion uniquely manages the journey of a package from your fulfillment center to your customer’s front door.

Step 1

It starts with your delivery promise...

At checkout, you give your customer a delivery date, a promise that we’re committed to keeping for you.

Step 2

Printing a proprietary label

Each package receives our proprietary universal label, which gives Pandion the flexibility to route that package to any final-mile carrier in our network.

Step 3

Sorting nationwide

We manage the transportation from your facility into Pandion’s nationwide network of sort centers, so you don’t have to.

Step 4

Inducting at later times

Induct into our sort centers at later times — flexibility you can’t get with other providers — to send same-day shipping notifications and boost your efficiency.

Step 5

Moving through a connected network

We manage the transportation of packages to a second Pandion sort center or until they reach their final-mile delivery hub.

Step 6

Identifying the optimal delivery driver

Machine learning identifies the optimal final-mile delivery driver based on price, speed, on-time delivery, and more. It’s our universal label that makes this flexibility between carriers possible.

Step 7

...and ends with our delivery promise

Get live tracking, photo proof of delivery, and the option of signature capture.

A picture of Pandion founder and CEO Scott Ruffin.

First, he founded Amazon Air. Then, he founded Pandion

CEO and founder Scott Ruffin helped build Amazon’s e-commerce transportation network, including founding Amazon Air, to deliver the fast, affordable, high-quality experience that national providers couldn’t. Now, he’s leading the Pandion team in our mission to build it for you.

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