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We believe that fast, affordable, high-quality delivery should be accessible to every company and every consumer. Pandion's parcel logistics network is shipping the future of residential delivery.

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Our story

In 2013, Pandion founder and CEO Scott Ruffin was at Amazon, struggling to get fast, affordable, high-quality delivery for Prime customers through national providers.

When Amazon invested in building its own e-commerce logistics network, Scott helped establish its sortation center network, grow a diversified carrier network that removed dependency on the nationals, and launch postal injection. And then he founded Amazon Air.

Years later, Scott was at the helm of Walmart’s e-commerce transportation team, when, again, his team struggled to get fast, affordable, high-quality delivery through national providers. His former Amazon colleagues — then leading e-commerce transportation teams at other major retailers — were struggling too.  

In 2020, e-commerce sales surged 30% because of the pandemic. Capacity was constrained. Deliveries slowed. Shipping charges increased. Scott left Walmart to build the logistics network that he needed at Amazon and Walmart and that so many others clearly still needed.

He envisioned a parcel network built for residential delivery — unlike those of the national providers built decades ago for delivering to commercial locations. That meant a network that required the level of sophistication that he had helped Amazon build for itself. He saw a parcel network with a deeply diversified mix of carriers, providing multiple delivery options for every package in every zip code — because to build a diversified carrier network is challenging for companies that don't have dedicated teams to do it.

At Pandion, we believe that fast, affordable, high-quality delivery should be accessible to every company and every consumer. And we're building the parcel logistics network that will deliver it.

Scott Ruffin

Leaders of the pack

Transportation and logistics experts from Amazon, Walmart, UPS, FedEx, and others lead the Pandion team in building a parcel network that will better serve both companies and consumers in the trillion-dollar e-commerce era.

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If you're the sort who wants a startup culture with proven product-market fit — Pandion delivers. Benefits include a 401(k) company match, equity opportunities, paid caregiver leave, and more.

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Our values

Our guiding principles drive us closer to our mission every day.

Intensity and Urgency Get Results

Our greatest advantage is speed. We have grit, we’re scrappy, and we use data to achieve the best results. We fail fast and often to get better sooner.

Passion for the Mission

We are missionaries, not mercenaries. We are passionate stewards for our customers, community, company, and each other.

Seek the Truth Through Curiosity

We are a learning organization that digs deep to understand and question our ever-changing reality every day. We seek continuous improvement by experimenting and embracing the truth.

We Innovate to Win

We win by creating elegant, simple solutions to solve our customers’ complex problems through innovation and technology that scales.

We Act with an Owner’s Mindset

We are stewards of the company’s resources and performance. We take personal responsibility for our local business areas while owning the successes and failures of the global enterprise.

We Win with Humility & Gratitude

We win as a team, celebrate our success, and show gratitude to each other for a job well done. We focus on delivering results, not taking credit.

We Seek the Best

We are intentional and purposeful in our investment in diverse talent. We unlock the potential of each individual to the benefit of the organization and their own personal development. We reward those who exemplify our values.

We Win with Empathy

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, partners, and coworkers and optimize for mutual benefit. We develop authentic relationships and tailor our message to the listener.

We Act with integrity and Courage

We don’t shy away from hard truths and have the courage to do and say the right thing even if it’s difficult. We boldly fight for the right outcome.

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